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Create Professional Tax Plans in Minutes

Corvee Tax Planning software gives your firm the ability to create professional tax plans for your clients in minutes. 

You can now quickly and efficiently provide high-value tax planning services, automatically calculating over 60 tax planning strategies across multiple entities and years instantly. 

Whether your firm focuses on tax planning, tax preparation, bookkeeping, CFO or wealth management, Corvee naturally fits into your business to help you provide clients with more tax savings.

Calculate savings at the strategy level, entity level, multi-entity level, and multi-year level.

Recommend proactive strategies including calculations, descriptions and code references.

Corvee Tax Planning software even allows you to compare proposed tax policies to current tax law, allowing you to anticipate upcoming tax changes.  

You can determine prior year estimated overpayment, as well as current and future year savings.

Most importantly, you could be saving your clients tens to hundreds of thousands in taxes with the help of Corvee.

With an intuitive interface, you can use Corvee to start tax planning for clients by sending your clients our pre-built questionnaires and by using our proprietary tax return scanning.

Our client collaboration features make it convenient to send and receive engagement letters, questionnaires and file requests back and forth, all in one secure place. In fact, our pre-built tax planning questionnaires feed directly into the tax planning inputs, making data collection as seamless as possible and gets you on the road to tax planning immediately.

Based on the tax planning inputs from the questionnaires and scanned tax returns, your client’s tax plan calculations are done for you automatically. You also have the option to adjust any calculations or strategies, and you can easily view which strategies the tax savings are coming from.  

Corvee Tax Planning also allows you to create custom-branded, ready-to-send PDF tax planning proposals and finalized tax plans with the click of a button.

There’s no longer any reason to do tax planning the old fashioned manual way, which not only takes time and energy calculating how each strategy adds deductions and lowers taxable income across tax rates, but also leaves you wondering if you’re missing strategies altogether. 

Thankfully with Corvee, many tax planning complications melt away— letting you leverage technology to do tax planning without the worry of making miscalculations or missing strategies. 

Whether you’re an experienced tax planner looking to optimize your tax planning process, or if you’re ready to add tax planning to your services menu, Corvee Tax Planning software can help you become the tax planning expert your clients need. 

It’s the multi-strategy, multi-entity, multi-year tax planning software you’ve been waiting for.

See How You Can Transform Tax Firm with Corvee Tax Planning

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