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Hiring a Tax Manager for Your Firm Allows You to Get More Tax Clients

It’s critical to determine the key services you are offering before you hire a tax manager to your tax and accounting firm. If you have a practice that fully focuses on individual income tax filing work, the job of your tax manager will be very different than if you are running a tax planning practice with a few clients who need to file both individual and business tax returns. From there, you can start to develop your tax manager to represent your tax and accounting firm, consistently deliver quality work on your behalf and build a successful team to increase capacity and help you grow your firm. 

Identify the Right Core Competencies for Your Tax Manager 

When hiring a tax manager, it’s important to hire a tax professional who can handle the preparation of individual and business tax returns, identify key tax planning opportunities and manage client relationships. Your tax manager should also be able to train, manage and hold their team accountable. Only then will your tax and accounting firm truly start to become scalable. 

We’ll help you develop a clear strategy for hiring, starting from identifying when you need to hire a tax manager versus a tax accountant, to organizing your overall team and establishing your expectations for them, as well as knowing when to hand off the day-to-day execution so that you can get more tax clients.

Identify the 
Right Core Competencies for Your Tax Manager

Everything You Need to
Hire a Tax Manager

It’s critical to hire the right tax manager for your tax and accounting firm. If you move too quickly and hire the wrong person, this could have detrimental effects on your firm. On the other hand, with the right tax manager in your firm, you can begin to offload working “in” your business and finally start to work “on” your business and get more tax clients.  

In order to find your next ideal tax manager, we will provide you the job advertisement, interview questions, offer letter and compensation structure you’ll need to land a qualified professional who can represent your tax and accounting firm, and successfully deliver high-quality work to your clients. They will also be able to hire, onboard, train, hold accountable and scale their department.

Building and Scaling
Your Tax Department

In determining the right strategy for scaling your tax business, you will need to clearly lay out the department functions and staff capacity for handling existing client work and bringing in new clients.

Based on your firm’s 1-year, 3-year and 5-year goals, we will help you develop a successful organizational chart specifically for your tax and accounting firm’s revenue level and service offerings. 

Success Profiles and Accountability
Metrics for Your Tax Manager

A potential candidate will need certain important skills and personality traits to succeed as a tax manager.

Onboarding and Ongoing Training to Make Them Successful

After locating the right tax manager, being able to successfully onboard them is incredibly important. 

Be sure to have a professional and encouraging onboarding process that walks the new tax manager through how the firm operates, where they fit in and how they can succeed in your firm. 

Here Are a Few to Consider When
Hiring a Tax Manager:

  1. Excellent verbal and written skills, with the ability to effectively communicate complex tax concepts to clients while building relationships with them
  2. Ability to prepare and review:
    • Individual and business tax preparation clients
    • Tax planning core strategies
    • Basic accounting clean-up skills
  3. Client relationship-driven mindset with an excellent knowledge of client’s mission and understanding of their changing needs
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  4. Self-starter who is effective with minimal direction
  5. Ambassador for your organization
  6. Excellent team member and collaborative worker
  7. Innovator
  8. Team mentor and leader

Our Clients Say It Best

Hear from tax and accounting firm owners who have hired successful tax managers to their firms.

Learn more about hiring a tax manager so you can free up your time to get more tax clients.

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