Case Study

Certified Tax Planner Increases Revenue, Sees ROI within 30 Days Using Corvee

Goals Goals

  • Speed up the tax planning process
  • Find more tax savings for clients
  • Increase firm revenue

Key Benefits Experienced Key Benefits Experienced

  • Average client now saves $20K per tax plan
  • Firm can onboard three clients per week
  • Staff is getting trained to tax plan

We literally got our investment back within 30 days.


Boris Musheyev, CPA, owns a tax and accounting firm specializing in tax planning and monthly accounting for self-employed individuals and small businesses. Originally working for a local CPA firm in New York preparing tax returns, his belief was always that accounting is about more than just being correct — it’s about being strategic. This led Mr. Musheyev to launch his own firm in 2017 where he could be more proactive to maximize tax savings for clients.

After completing training on tax planning, he did tax plans for clients with manual calculations and by using an Excel spreadsheet. This tax planning spreadsheet had different tabs for different strategies, and Mr. Musheyev would plug in the numbers, eventually creating a final tax plan and making PowerPoint slides to deliver to clients.

While this old-fashioned method of tax planning worked, it wasn’t ideal. Unfortunately, there was never a better way to go about doing this process until recently. Having joined 7 Figure Firms — an elite program for firm owners geared toward accounting firm growth and development, Mr. Musheyev soon learned about Corvee tax planning software.

Going From Manual Tax Planning to Automated Tax Planning

Having prior tax planning experience helping business owners reduce taxes, discovering tax planning software technology only enhanced Mr. Musheyev’s ability to find more credits and deductions and save his clients even more money on their returns.

I got the tax planning software in April of 2021,” he explained. “I used to do about one tax plan a week, but now I’m able to onboard about three tax planning clients a week. This is due to the fact I save about three to five hours per plan thanks to the software.

Knowing he can get tax plans done faster now that he’s no longer doing them manually, Mr. Musheyev has more confidence in taking on new clients at a greater velocity, which has had surprising benefits: “We’re able to carefully vet all our leads now and be more selective about who we work with. Typically, we work with anyone earning at least $300K. If they are under that, we don’t bother to schedule a sales call anymore.” 

Mr. Musheyev’s sales process is one sales call — also known as a “strategy call” — followed by a kickoff call after a contract is signed, and lastly a presentation that shows the final tax plan. Each new tax planning client is also packaged into quarterlies for recurring revenue.

Benefits of Corvee Tax Planning

Using Corvee, Mr. Musheyev says that his tax planning clients save an average of $20K in taxes per year. For this reason, his recommendation to other accountants is to start using Corvee to bring more value to clients.

You can really increase your firm’s revenue by adding tax planning as a service and relying on the software Corvee provides. It does the heavy lifting for you as far as finding strategies that fit, doing the calculations automatically and creating attractive-looking final deliverables.

He continued, “Corvee software has reduced the time it takes us to tax plan. This has increased our revenue because we can sell more. We literally got our investment back within 30 days. I saw right away how quick and easy it is to use, and you likely will as well if you have any prior tax experience.”

Next Steps to Grow Tax Firm

With robust tax planning software in place, Mr. Musheyev’s firm is ready to grow even faster in 2022. His main service is tax planning with quarterlies, but he also offers monthly accounting services because many of his clients need it. “You can retain tax planning clients by offering upsells into quarterlies, implementation and monthly accounting.”

Recurring revenue helps support expenses the firm has as it continues to grow.

Tax planning is a lot of new revenue coming in, but firms must find a way to keep those clients once in the door,” Mr. Musheyev advised. “Offering value in ways that compliment tax planning and go into monthly accounting has worked best for us.”

In addition, Mr. Musheyev’s staff are able to take on some of the workload now due to the software’s simplicity. It’s no longer Mr. Musheyev staying up late in the office doing all the tax planning by himself. With a trained staff, he can concentrate on reviewing plans before finalizing them rather than creating them alone. 

For more on the state-of-the-art software that Mr. Musheyev is using, schedule a demo with Corvee today.

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