Case Study

Local Tax Firm Goes Nationwide Marketing Tax Services

Goals Goals

  • Get out-of-the-box tax planning deliverables
  • Learn how to price and package advisory services
  • Create an inbound marketing system

Key Benefits Experienced Key Benefits Experienced

  • Sales nearly doubling each year
  • Firm is more profitable due to expansion of service offerings
  • The ability to work fully remote without being dependent on local clients

“If you’re not getting the results you want with your tax firm, then what do you have to lose? Get the coaching you need.”


Patrick Rood, founder of Rood Financial Services, helps businesses with accounting, outsourced CFO services, cash flow management, tax preparation and tax planning. His mission is to help clients exceed their financial goals by lowering overhead and helping them maximize profitability. His vision for the firm is to be fully-mobile and cloud-focused. He’s an award-winning best-selling author, a Guinness Book world record holder, a husband and a father to two wonderful kids. Here is his story of marketing tax services with 7 Figure Firms coaching.

Balancing Employment with a Tax Firm Side Business

Patrick Rood started his tax preparation business in 2008. He offered Schedule Cs, 1040s and individual tax returns. He also worked full-time as an employee doing payroll for another company. The hours were long and the pay wasn’t much. He admitted his side gig doing tax returns was too scattered—he just didn’t have the time or energy to focus on growing it while working as an employee for another company, but even if he did have the time, he lacked the know-how on what to do in order to increase tax firm profitability

Mr. Rood came across Andrew Argue, CEO of Corvee, in 2017 and soon decided to quit his job in order to focus on finally growing his own tax firm. “I had no clue how to do marketing and create inbound leads,” Mr. Rood admitted. “But I knew Andrew and his team had the answers. If others were having success with his methods, I knew I could get results as long as I put in the effort.”

He began to transition to monthly accounting in order to pick up some recurring revenue. His main focus was still tax returns, but he knew offering advisory services needed to be his next step.

Solely Focusing on Growing a Tax Firm

Mr. Rood felt tax preparation was becoming obsolete with technology. More and more individuals and businesses can use tools to do their own tax returns, and Mr. Rood felt his tax firm wasn’t sustainable long-term without some major changes.

For a long time, what held me back was that I wasn’t a CPA—but 7 Figure Firms helped give me the confidence that a credential doesn’t mean you’re an expert. I could do tax planning and become a holistic tax service firm,” Mr. Rood explained. “The coaching provided gave me permission and reaffirmation that I don’t have to have a CPA license to do the work for clients. All that matters is that I know how to help people and show them the value of what I offer.”

Once in the 7 Figure Firms coaching program, Mr. Rood immediately saw an increase in sales.  He’s gone from 0% advisory services to around 75% advisory services.

I loved the sales deck for tax planning. I was already a good salesperson, but the deck does magic. I’m getting a 90% close rate if a client sees the whole sales deck during a strategy session. It’s also been huge for me to just learn about how to provide different advisory services. For example, I knew how to do tax planning before the 7 Figure Firms program, but didn’t know how to sell it or deliver it. I had no deliverables, actually. I had no attractive way to present the material to the client—it just didn’t appear professional. Learning how to make the delivery of a tax plan to the client in an attractive way made all the difference for me to be able to charge an appropriate price.”

Multiple Benefits from 7 Figure Firms Coaching

Besides getting a system up and running for selling, producing and delivering tax plans to clients, Mr. Rood experienced many other benefits from being inside 7 Figure Firms. “I was able to increase sales from providing advisory services related to helping clients do PPP and EIDL loans earlier in 2020. When I feel like I don’t know something, I have access to the Q&A calls and the Facebook group, so I just keep absorbing content each week to structure my business the right way.”

As Mr. Rood explained, no one teaches tax professionals about the changes you must make in going from $50,000 in revenue to $100,000, or going from $100,000 to $200,000. “You get advice in 7 Figure Firms to get ahead of the curve to manage the growth of your firm and be proactive in structuring it rather than reactive.

Mr. Rood is on track to double sales this year and now has clients in 11 states, with the goal to be marketing tax services nationwide as a remote tax firm. “I’ve wanted a highly profitable, remote tax firm to support the lifestyle I want to have. 7 Figure Firms has given me that ability. The scripts and the Facebook funnels have been huge in allowing me to grow because I finally have inbound marketing that works. I never used to have consistent lead generation. I was tired of being like a mom-and-pop shop dependent on referrals and networking events. The marketing content alone is more than worth the cost of the program.”

The Facebook marketing material inside 7 Figure Firms has helped Mr. Rood create compelling copy for his ad posts. As he drives new audiences to his web page, he is able to get prospects to set up an appointment with him to do a strategy session. Technology in the back-end connects it to his calendar, then email follow up ensures a high client show-up rate to his strategy sessions. This 7 Figure Firms Facebook marketing system has been transformational for Mr. Rood’s tax firm.

What advice would he have for anyone considering the 7 Figure Firms coaching program? “If you’re not marketing tax services or getting the results you want with your tax firm, then what do you have to lose? Get the coaching you need.” 

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