Case Study

A Case Study That Proves You Need Lead Generation for Accountants

Goals Goals

  • Learn how to generate more leads
  • Discover more services to offer clients
  • Grow revenue as fast as possible

Key Benefits Experienced Key Benefits Experienced

  • Increased the firm’s profitability by altering the business model
  • Has a consistent lead generation process in place
  • Increased his sales close rate

“Moving from compliance to advisory makes clients go, ‘Hey, what have you done?’ to ‘Hey, what do you think?.’ That puts you in a different relationship with them.”


Today, Chad Davidson helps businesses create value through strategic partnerships, mergers, acquisitions and corporate financing. Based out of Fort Collins, Colorado, Mr. Davidson’s boutique advisory firm works with a broad spectrum of small to mid-sized businesses who need financial planning. His motto is bringing “Wall Street to Main Street,” which involves working with businesses to help them uncover their valuation, find a strategic partner, find growth capital, prepare due diligence, get growth capital and much more. He specializes in tax and accounting along with CFO services. His ideal client has been in business three to five years and is doing $2M to $10M in revenue. While many of his clients are based out of Colorado, he has clients from around the country. Here is his story on growing his firm through investing in the 7 Figure Firms coaching program.

Lead Generation for Accountants

Chad Davidson first started his practice in 2011. During the early years of his business, he relied on referrals for new clients. “I had this mentality of just sitting back and waiting, I was reliant on whatever the world offered me, rather than going out to hunt for new clients,” Mr. Davidson admitted. Standing by and waiting for clients to come didn’t result in much success, and by the time Mr. Davidson met Andrew Argue, CEO of Corvee, in 2016, he was ready to invest in a program that would help him grow his business and find new clients.

Very soon, he went to a 7 Figure Firms live event in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and immediately knew his mindset had been previously limited. A plethora of strategies for accounting firm growth, along with tactics on lead generation for accountants were available to him. His eyes were opened to dream of new possibilities for his stagnant business. “I soaked up the marketing and lead generation strategies and started getting new leads for the first time–almost immediately. I finally had a system that was drumming up activity,” Mr. Davidson remarked.

1:1 Coaching Inside 7 Figure Firms

As Mr. Davidson implemented the marketing strategies, specifically the LinkedIn process of getting new leads, he found himself getting many appointments on a regular basis for the first time. “Lead generation for accountants is about having a technical skillset and a good visual representation of your firm and self. The 7 Figure Firms program helped me with the entire process. I have a marketing machine now that almost runs on autopilot. I never would have been able to build this on my own if it weren’t for the step-by-step instructions inside the training materials and the clear guidance with the 1:1 coaching I received.” 

Generating leads was no longer his biggest problem; he then found he had to improve his closing ability on strategy sessions. His focus began to shift from perfecting his marketing to perfecting his sales process. 

The sales, objection handling and closing material inside 7 Figure Firms helped me immensely to get better at selling. Today, I feel like I have a much better grasp on the psychology of buying and selling, and can build value that shows a potential client what I can do for them. Once I had my marketing machine in place, I just had to maintain it—it just runs, and new leads keep coming in…but what do I do with all the new leads to make them clients? This is where the 7 Figure Firms program excels–it’s truly the best sales training out there for successful accountants and financial advisors.”  

New Service Ideas Thanks to 7 Figure Firms

Mr. Davidson started dreaming bigger for his firm as revenue continued to increase. By November of 2018, he was tweaking his service offerings to better fit his ideal customer: “We started with a complete done-for-you service, the full gamut. The problem was the client wasn’t on the hook for doing their part, and we were charging less, but doing more. We needed to do less for the client and charge them more to make them get better results. So, we switched our model up because the ‘done for you’ mentality of a client doesn’t understand how hard business is, whereas the ‘I just need a guide’ type of client is harder working and more likely to succeed.”

This shift in focus happened because Mr. Davidson’s eyes were opened inside the 7 Figure Firms program about what a customer journey should look like. He had never previously thought about how his service offering affects the mindset of his clients.

Moving from compliance to advisory makes clients go, ‘Hey, what have you done?’ to ‘Hey, what do you think?’ That puts you in a different relationship with them. When you go from providing just accounting services to providing CFO services, you’re looking at a 5-10 year engagement on average. It’s much more profitable.”    

Community Engagement within 7 Figure Firms

Another benefit of being a member of the 7 Figure Firms program, Mr. Davidson shared, is that being around other like-minded firm owners is extremely helpful and encouraging. While family or friends might discourage you on business goals or ideas, positive reinforcement from a group is critical for success. “Just showing up and checking the 7 Figure Firms Facebook feed each day is enough to be encouraged,” he noted. “Becoming a pro is not about going to the gym on days you want to go to the gym, but going on the days you don’t want to. The community engagement keeps me focused daily on improving my firm.” The accountability with the coaches and members in the community is helpful to Mr. Davidson because if he doesn’t feel like doing something, he has an outside push. 

So, what would Mr. Davidson tell others who are thinking about joining a program like 7 Figure Firms? “Most people have never imagined their business doing more than $300k in revenue. We all have preconceived notions of what a good life is. I thought squeaking out $200k working solo was pretty good. Then I realized if you want a sizable company, there is no magic pill. You need to invest in yourself to grow, but you also need to truly commit to it.” He went on to say, “If you think long enough about a problem, you’ll find a solution. Mentors just speed up the process because they help you see what was right in front of you, but had never considered before. Most people aren’t working on their business. So if you work on your business, you’ll be ahead of most.”

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