Case Study

Facebook Ads for Accountants Prove to Be a Success for Expanding into Advisory Services

Goals Goals

  • Learn how to sell advisory services
  • Increase revenue to more than $1M
  • Grow her firm with better operating processes

Key Benefits Experienced Key Benefits Experienced

  • An immediate jump in revenue
  • More efficient marketing process implemented with Facebook advertising
  • Higher level advisory services sold and more clients being served

“7 Figure Firms is not for normal people. It’s for those who want to take their firm to the next level and commit to it.”


Tiffany Davis, founder of Washington Accounting Services Inc., is a tax planning, CFO and wealth management firm based out of Maryland. Ms. Davis began her work in 2007, but didn’t join the 7 Figure Firms program until 2020. Here is her story of the ups and downs over the last 13 years in her accounting business. 

Fast Start Followed by Setbacks

Ms. Davis started out mainly doing monthly accounting services, but as the 2008-2009 recession unfolded, many of her accounting clients went out of business. She pivoted to concentrate on providing tax preparation and soon was doing tax filings for over 800 clients single handedly. Her firm was growing and experiencing a lot of success, and she was featured in the Wall Street Journal, CNBC and the front page of the Financial section of the USA Today. She even met with President Obama in the White House. 

Then, in 2012, the growth halted—she experienced business challenges that set her back both financially and emotionally. Her sales began to slowly decline over the next several years as she looked for new solutions to “start fresh” again.

New Beginnings for a New Tax Firm

After peaking in 2012, Ms. Davis was still searching for answers in 2020 on how to build her business back up to where it used to be. Her revenue was still less each year between 2017 and 2019 than her revenue was in 2012. She needed to get back to her previous highs. She invested into the 7 Figure Firms program and learned how to offer PPP, EIDL, FFCRA, CARES and HEROES advisory services to her clients during the pandemic, which gave her a substantial increase in revenue. 

By June, her goal became to do a million dollars in revenue before the year finishes. “I love having nice vehicles, so I need a business that will fuel that,” Ms. Davis laughed. Her long-term goal is now to hit $10M in annual revenue. 

The Transition from Tax Prep to Advisory Services

While Ms. Davis has had great success providing tax preparation, her focus is now shifting toward advisory-related services such as tax planning and CFO services. “I’ve always been an accountant at heart,” she said. “But I love making strategies, cash flow projections and helping people make money.” 

The downside to tax preparation for Ms. Davis was that it took over her life, it demanded so much of her time that even though she wanted to branch out into CFO work, she felt like she couldn’t. The Facebook advertising material inside the 7 Figure Firms program has helped her market to get clients to offer more than just tax preparation. “This program helped me put a system in place to actually get advisory clients with online marketing. Before, I was always attending networking events and relying on referrals,” she remarked. 

She now plans to use Facebook ads for accountants to transition the whole firm to CFO and tax planning using paid ads on social media. She brought in a chief operating officer to help accomplish the additional work coming in from new clients.

When asked what has been her favorite thing about the 7 Figure Firms program, Ms. Davis replied:

I’ve had lots of ups and downs over the last 13 years. I didn’t have pricing issues, but this program still helped me realize I can charge more. Honestly, this program is like oxygen for me. I need it to succeed with my goals. I didn’t fully have confidence I could just get new clients until I joined the program. Now I know I can get new clients with Facebook ads.”

She continued, “I’ve always known I can find answers to problems, but the problem sometimes becomes having enough time to search for answers. I love having access to the private Facebook group where we can all ask questions and get answers from the 7 Figure Firms community. Seeing problems that others are having and the answers given are invaluable, because I know I may face similar situations in the future.”

The main difference Ms. Davis has seen in her firm, she reiterated, was how her sales process has changed. She explained how accounting is a relationship-based business and so often you are dependent on others for referrals. Having Facebook ads for accountants to get ongoing leads is a game-changer. Ms. Davis has already hired two more people and is in the process of hiring three more with her current growth trajectory.  

7 Figure Firms is not for normal people,” she said. “It’s for those who want to take their firm to the next level and commit to it.”  

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