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Case Study

CPA On Track to Double
Revenue with Accounting Firm
Growth Program 7 Figure Firms

Goals Goals

  • Communicate firm value to clients more effectively
  • Increase sales and profit margin after 15 years of stagnant growth
  • Transition to more CFO work from low margin tax prep services

Key Benefits Experienced Key Benefits Experienced

  • On track for 100% revenue increase year over year
  • Providing clients with higher level CFO services and more value
  • A clear path to work towards 6X annual gross sales

“The credit card company has contacted me several times recently with suspected fraud alerts because they are seeing a large increase of funds coming into our account compared to normal. I just told them, ‘We changed our business model and are making much more money now.’”


Anthony Bruce has owned his own accounting firm for over 20 years in New Jersey.

He focused mainly on tax services with low margin, oftentimes seasonal clientele. With stagnant revenue and little excitement about what he was doing, Mr. Bruce began to think about retirement.

Everything began to change in 2018 when he found the coaching and marketing materials inside 7 Figure Firms. With a renewed vigour and a clear approach to land new clients, Mr. Bruce began accelerating sales for the first time in 15 years. Here is how his accounting firm saw growth over the past 18 months.

Accounting Firm Growth Halts For 15 Years

I worked as an employee for a company as their CFO before going out on my own and starting an accounting firm in 1999. At the time, I was making over $150,000 annually, but as many who venture out to start their own business know, it takes time to build your own accounting firm and replace that comfortable salary. For me, it was about 4 years to get my income as a business owner back to what it was prior to my departure as a salaried CFO. After this, I got comfortable and hit a ceiling for 15 straight years, doing an average of $300,000 to $350,000 annually in gross sales.

It was consistent but boring, and in recent years I began to think more about an exit plan for the accounting firm, but wasn’t sure how or when to do it. All I knew was that even though I was a successful accountant, I was getting tired of the CPA business, but this began to change when I got involved in 7 Figure Firms. I suddenly had new goals, new products to introduce, and new ways of doing things. It was like I was creating a new business all over again. That same excitement that I had in 1999 returned for the first time in 20 years—thoughts of growth and possibilities began filling my mind and retirement is now something I consider another 10 years down the road because I no longer want to sell my firm!

More Clients and More Value

With having no accounting firm growth in over 15 years, one of the biggest benefits of 7 Figure Firms has been their clear, easy-to-use sales decks that give me exactly what I was missing: a consistent way to bring on new clients and sell them higher level services. I had always been more tax focused, but this program has allowed me to switch gears and begin selling more CFO services, which I enjoy much more. With the help of the sales decks and pricing structures introduced by 7 Figure Firms, instead of doing seven-hundred 1040s at $375 each, I can now realistically do sixty clients with higher level CFO and tax planning services at $30,000 each. My goal is now $1,800,000 gross sales and to take home $900,000.

For me, this translates into more revenue and less headache. I also feel it gives me the opportunity to do what I do best, which is CFO work. I’m on track to double my sales year over year and have done extremely well, but what excites me most are the future possibilities now that I have the ability to raise my prices and pick my clients. Even during difficult times like when the pandemic closed down so many businesses, my revenue increased because I simply used the 7 Figure Firms consulting packages that included legislative and loan consulting for the PPP. I got about 30 new clients that will hopefully turn into ongoing monthly clients because of the timely pandemic-related advisory services that these sales decks gave me.

Future Growth and Support

Looking towards the future, I want to continue focusing on CFO work while I have my team do the tax services. This never would have been possible without the one-on-one coaching I received inside 7 Figure Firms. The guidance from people like Andrew and Amanda Argue were able to help me make that mental shift to go from a “technician” to an “entrepreneur”.

I’ve had CFO skills these past 20 years that could have been put to use, but I never knew how to sell them or communicate the value of what I had to offer. Now I have a sales script that works, plus a support team that I can always get help from…and I’m having fun again. Even my wife sees my renewed energy!

In addition to the sales decks that have done wonders for helping me close clients, the one-on-one coaching and training I have received inside the program has helped me provide better financial analysis and advice to assure that my clients maximize their profits, cash flow, and overall performance.

Funny story, the credit card company has contacted me several times recently with fraud alerts because they see much higher receipts coming in compared to what used to. I just tell them, “We changed our business model and are making much more money now.”

“I’m more engaged and interested in my business than I was 18 months ago—and that’s because I finally know how to sell what I’m experienced and qualified to do. My employees are making more, I’m able to let go of smaller and more difficult clients, and I’m finally able to work on my business instead of just in my business!”

I’m grateful for the 7 Figure Firms coaching program and all the new materials they are continuously putting out to help me be a successful accountant and stay relevant these past 18 months and even grow during difficult economic times. Click below to learn more about the 7 Figure Firms coaching program.

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