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Case Study

7 Figure Firms Helps CPA with Lead Generation for Accountants  

Goals Goals

  • Get one-on-one coaching to gain confidence building a tax firm
  • Improve the firm’s tax planning process
  • Learn to sell advisory services to new clients

Key Benefits Experienced Key Benefits Experienced

  • Increasing monthly net profits on a cash basis
  • Improved pricing and packaging of all services
  • Able to show clients the value using slide deck presentations

Whether it’s new pricing, packaging or sales decks…I know I’ll be able to keep innovating by being in the 7 Figure Firms program.”

Minal Babaria, CPA, CTC

Minal Babaria, CPA, CTC, has more than 15 years of experience in accounting and tax, specializing in helping businesses and individuals minimize taxes, increase revenue and profits, reduce expenses and build wealth. Growing up she saw her father struggling with succeeding in business due to lack of financial advice and proper tax strategies to utilize. She knew she wanted to do more than just compliance work and move toward helping small businesses with tax and financial guidance that leads to growth and wealth generation. Here is Minal's story with Corvee’s 7 Figure Firms program.

Lead Generation for Accountants Starts with Knowing Who Your Audience Is

Ms. Babaria knew she didn’t want just any clients for her tax firm, she wanted the right kind of clients. She was looking for business owners making over $400k. Namely, decently sized businesses that also are respectful clients, polite and easy to work with. 

Having a vision of doing mostly advisory work, Ms. Babaria also knew that vision apart from action and know-how is useless. So, she decided to invest into the 7 Figure Firms program to help make her business goals a reality. 

Moving away from compliance and toward advisory services has its challenges, but the key is to get your pricing and packaging right—which Ms. Babaria was able to do inside the program:

The success I had last year would not have been possible without the support that we have got from 7 Figure Firms. Pricing our services the right way has been huge. I know I have support where I can ask specific questions on pricing within the group, because if I don't price or package services appropriately, it won’t work out well in the end.”   

LinkedIn marketing has been another benefit to her firm. Lead generation for accountants often starts with LinkedIn, and Ms. Babaria has been able to develop new leads from the systems taught inside 7 Figure Firms. Using LinkedIn advertising, which connects to an appointment calendar, has now augmented Ms. Babaria’s strong referral lead source.

Another transformative tool for her firm has been the new sales decks, which help Ms. Babaria to sell advisory services to new clients. “Presenting your value, putting it on the screen when you are in front of the camera and talking to a client, it’s been a great way for us to show how we can serve them,” she noted.

With the sales decks available inside the program, Ms. Babaria has been able to hire a business development liaison who can also do sales calls, taking some of the burden of growing the firm’s business off of herself. She appreciates the fact that Corvee continually updates the sales decks, so she always feels like her services and offers are relevant.

Having confidence that 7 Figure Firms is on top of the newest legislation, I know no matter what’s happening politically or in the world, we’ll be ready for change as it happens,” she said.

With tax planning potentially being impacted this year due to the new presidential administration, change is no longer a thing to fear for her firm, but rather something to embrace to get a leg up on the competition. “This program helps me stay up to date,” Ms. Babaria noted. “It keeps me innovating.”

Now leading a team of seven, what is her advice for sole practitioners or small firms when it comes to the 7 Figure Firms program? “It gets better day by day, and if you have a goal of taking your business to the next level, then this is it. It helps me separate my different services and price them correctly. The advice I get in the private Facebook group is excellent and professional. I was nervous to hire a salesperson, but the coaches from the program helped push me to do that. The mentoring is tremendous.”

Beyond Lead Generation for Accountants

Although one of the biggest benefits Ms. Babaria found in the program was the LinkedIn method of lead generation for accountants, another benefit has been the introduction of tax planning software along with all the tax planning advice she’s received. Her firm does not do tax preparation now, instead focusing on tax planning and CFO packages.

She also likes that clients can see what each tax strategy saves them and how they can do a side by side comparison. For herself, Ms. Babaria likes the fact that even though it shows side by side comparison of different entities, you can cherry pick which entity election you want to propose to them.

In addition, she notes, “The tooltips inside the tax planning software help me understand each strategy, and the additional expanded form of the calculation has also helped me be able to speak easier to clients about the numbers.”

With her firm becoming more profitable mainly delivering tax plans, Ms. Babaria looks forward to continuing to experiment with what Corvee Tax Planning software can do in the months to come. Meanwhile, she has all the support she needs when it comes to tax firm growth inside 7 Figure Firms. “Whether it’s new pricing, packaging or sales decks…I know I’ll be able to keep innovating by being inside 7 Figure Firms.”

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