Use Email Marketing to Grow your Accounting Practice

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Lead generation, the process of attracting prospects to your business and increasing their interest, for accountants via email newsletters is an opportunity for accounting firms to increase their outreach. An email newsletter is a form of marketing that allows firms to communicate with their prospects and customers in a one-to-many fashion. You create a broadcast email and send it out to hundreds or thousands of potential clients in one foul swoop. They are great for maintaining contact and keeping people up-to-date with the firm’s services, case studies, and client testimonials.

How Email Newsletters Work: Lead Generation for Accountants

It all starts with an email address. When you have successfully acquired an email address, you will want to continue to communicate with your lead or customer, so they can stay up to date and learn of the new opportunities you have for working together.

It all starts with an email address. After acquiring an email address, be sure to document the address in your company’s cloud-based software, like Salesforce, to make sure they are up-to-date on new opportunities and maintain communication. 

Inside of your email newsletters your clients should find:

  • Catchy subject lines to invoke curiosity  to encourage them to open the email;
  • Valuable content to educate and inspire action;
  • Call-to-action to meet with you or places to find more information.

Email newsletters work beautifully as lead generations for accountants in conjunction with your active and passive marketing funnels.

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Email Newsletter Marketing Formula

The email newsletter marketing formula was designed to generate appointments that could lead to new clients. Here are some of the components you should to include in your email newsletter:

  • Catchy headline;
  • Key problems people are facing, like something they can relate to; 
  • Specific details on the problems, using keywords;
  • Brief explanation of how to solve these problems;
  • Case studies of transformation;
  • Call-to-action, like booking a time to work together.

Why Email Newsletters Work as Lead Generation for Accountants

Email newsletter funnels should be utilized alongside your other active and passive marketing funnels. Email marketing is powerful because it nurtures a lead into becoming interested in who you are, what you do, and how you can help them with tax and accounting.

There is no need for you to generate more email addresses when you can simply use those you already have (though it would not hurt). Continue to email people on your roster regularly to keep them excited about and informed of your services and what you offer.

Crafting an Email Newsletter

Do not hire a company to write the newsletters for you. Though talented, these companies typically do not know enough about your niche to write compelling copy. If you are going to send out newsletters, you should do it yourself. You know your niche, your audience, and your goal much better than an outside entity.

Corvee’s 7 Figure Firms programs, includes templates, training, and exercises to help you craft compelling email copy that generates appointments. Start by sending one email per month, increase the frequency to once per week, then multiple times per week, once per day, until you send multiple emails per day. 

Keep in mind this takes time to scale up. While sending frequency may seem excessive or even impossible, most successful entrepreneurs recommend that firms circulate something every day, whether it is a journal, a blog post, or another form of communication.

Example of an Accounting Firm Email

Subject: Want Tax Prep Done Cheaper?

Hi (client name), 

You pay someone to do tax prep every year, right?

What if I could do it for $100 cheaper?

I have a limited amount of clients I can take on, so if you are interested in saving some money, simply reply to this email and let me know you need someone to do your prep cheaper this year.

—Your Name

What is More Effective Than Email for Accountants?

Sometimes there are better strategies than sending out a mass newsletter, especially if you want to offer a service such as tax planning. First, look at your client list and sort the list from biggest client to most minor—and start reaching out in that order. How? Instead of an email, it could be a text message or a quick phone call saying “Hey John, I thought of you today. Are you free to talk tomorrow?”

If you have thousands of clients, it is a good idea to maintain communication because you need to directly reach out to people to see if your idea or product is  something they are interested in. You can also shoot a quick video for the landing page, then directly message your clients to watch the video since video marketing is increasingly common. 

You should reach out and make email newsletters and other forms of communication personable so each client feels you are speaking to them and not a mass audience.

When done right, email marketing is effective at increasing sales for accounting firms. Whether directed at prospects to sell them on a service or toward existing clients to upsell your services, emails are one of the cheapest and most effective marketing channels firms can use.

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