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Tax Planning

Tax planning professionals save clients money on taxes and get paid for it. Tax planning is the process of reviewing your client’s business, personal life and the regulatory environment, to determine how they can proactively plan to pay less in taxes while achieving their overall financial growth plans.

Planning, Implementation, Preparation, Quarterly

For this process, we take a tax preparation engagement and break it into 4 components. These are priced separately and can be combined into an annually recurring contract:

$2,500 – $9,800

The Planning is the most important
part of the engagement.

You are performing a review of their tax position and making recommendations for how much you can save them. We charge 30% of estimated savings minimum $2,500 and capped at $9,800.

We limit the pricing to $9,800 to get the client in the door. We make the rest up on implementation.

$1,000 – $10,000+

During the Tax Planning engagement we present the client with anywhere from 1-25+ strategies depending on their circumstances.

We may choose 1-4 basic strategies to implement with planning, but most strategies require time to implement. 

We charge minimum $1,000 up to tens of thousands or more for implementation. There may be commissions from 3rd parties. 

$2,000+ Biz, $1,000+ Ind

The preparation of the returns is a separate fee from the planning and the implementation.

This also does not include any write-up or clean up work.

Business returns are a minimum of $1,200 and a target of $2,000+. 

Individual returns are minimum $750, target of $1,000+. 

$1,000 – $10,000+

Keeping up with the compliance to ensure the savings are defendable, and realized in the returns, you may decide to charge for quarterly maintenance.

This includes basic planning, implementation of basic planning strategies, review of financial results and estimated payments.

We charge $1,000+ or more per quarter. If you’re bundling preparation, ensure you add
that to the price.

*These numbers are shown for illustrative purposes.

Showing Clients the Value of Tax Planning

Tax Planning Professionals Show Clients the Value

When you sit with a potential tax planning client, you need to be able to ask them questions about deductions, legal entity structure, retirement, insurance and niche and advanced strategies, to determine:

  1. How much did they overpay in taxes in the previous year?
  2. How much can you save them in taxes in the current year?
  3. How much can you save them every year going forward?

Tax Planner Software for Accounting Firms to Automate and Build Accurate Plans

Request, Scan, Identify and Extract Information From Tax Returns and Questionnaires

Request, Scan, Identify and Extract Information From Tax Returns and Questionnaires

Using machine learning to scan tax documents and identify the most important information, Corvee Tax Planning formulates a tax savings calculation for your clients within minutes using predictive analytics, enabling you to be the tax planning professional your clients seek.

Analyze Hundreds of Tax Planning Strategy Combinations and Finalize a Plan for Your Client

Corvee Tax Planning analyzes your clients' tax returns and questionnaire data to automatically recommend proactive strategies. This includes calculations, descriptions, code references and the ability to add new custom strategies and combinations yourself.

Analyze Hundreds of Tax Planning Strategy Combinations and Finalize a Plan for Your Client
Generate a Professional Tax Plan For Your Clients Automatically

Generate a Professional Tax Plan For Your Clients Automatically

Corvee Tax Planning compiles your customized tax planning strategy and recommendations into a ready-to-send PDF file that contains the following:

  • Cover
  • Table of contents
  • Customizable strategy letter
  • Prior year estimated overpayment (optional)
  • Current year estimated savings
  • Future year estimated savings
  • Detailed listing of strategies with supporting documents
  • Estimated savings per strategy

Deliver the Plan and Offer Tax-Advantaged Wealth Management and Tax Planning Recommendations

Partner with us to offer tax-advantaged wealth management to your tax and accounting clients. Whether you don’t have a license or just want to either refer, become a financial advisor or transition your financial advising firm, we’ve got the solution for you.

Personal & Business

Net worth

Enterprise Value

Exit, Retirement Plan

Tax Planning

Legal Entity Structure
Advanced Strategies
Niche Specific
Asset & Gift Freeze


Solo 401k
Brokerage Account
Simple IRA
Roth IRA
Private Placement
Opportunity Zones
Self Directed 401k


Cash Value Life Insurance
Term Life Insurance
Key-Man Policies
Buy-Sell Agreements
Captive Insurance
Irrevocable Life
Insurance Trust

Estate Planning

Wills & Living Wills
(Advanced Health Directives)
Gifting Plans
Succession Planning
Asset Protection (Trusts)
Charitable Giving
Beneficiary Selection

Cash & Equivalents

Foreign Currency
Foreign vs.
Domestic Holdings
Physical vs. Banked

Core Tax Planning Strategies for Tax Planning Professionals

We focus on over 90 proven tax planning strategies. For each strategy, we cover a description of the strategy, code references, calculations and client deliverables. Here are the current categories:

  • Maximize deductions
  • Legal entity structure
  • Retirement
  • Insurance and asset protection
  • International
  • Niche-specific strategies
  • Advanced strategies
  • Asset and gift freeze
  • Tax-advantaged wealth management

We cover strategies that can be used with start-up companies which have $0 in revenue, as well as high-net-worth individuals with tens to hundreds of millions in assets.

Core Tax Planning Strategies
New Legislation

New Legislation Tax Planning Professionals Should Be Aware Of

When new legislation has been drafted or passed, we provide daily updates about the bill’s progress through the legislature and our interpretations of it. This way, you’ll be able to implement the new legislation with your tax and accounting clients within days. We’ve covered:

  • Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA)
  • Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) 
  • Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES)

Marketing Tax Services To Get Leads and Appointments

Perhaps the most effective way to get new clients for your tax and accounting firm is by offering tax planning. Not everyone thinks they need a Chief Financial Officer or financial advisor, but everyone wants to pay less taxes. We coach you to offer a free tax assessment and help you promote it with LinkedIn marketing, Facebook ad copy and templates and dozens of proven email marketing templates you can copy and paste.

Tax Planning Marketing To Get Leads and Appointments

Every Step Needed to Deliver Tax Plans With Confidence

Every Step Needed to Deliver Tax Plans With Tax Planner Software

In our coaching programs, you’ll get access to client onboarding materials, engagement letters, kick-off call templates, the tax plan deliverable itself as well as the ability to request files from your clients. We’ll help you systematize the delivery so you can deliver tax plans in less time than tax preparation, and with your staff performing 90%+ of the processing without a tax manager (or 100% with a tax manager).

Tax Planner Software for Accounting Firms to Automate the Entire Process

Corvee Tax Planning automatically scans, identifies and extracts key information from tax returns to save you time. When combined with questionnaire data, you’ll have 99% of the necessary information to complete a proactive tax plan to save your clients money every year. With Corvee Tax Planning, this can all be done within a matter of minutes.

Tax Planning Software for Accounting Firms to Automate the Entire Process
Pricing For Profitability

Pricing For Profitability

Turn your tax preparation clients into tax planning clients. Save them money on taxes, then charge 30% of their estimated current year savings for your tax planning services. In our coaching program, we show tax planning professionals how to charge $10,000+ for implementing tax planning strategies, as well as how to charge $2,000+ for a business tax return and $1,000+ for an individual return. We’ll also show you how to charge $1,000+ for quarterly estimated payments and ongoing support for implementing your tax planning strategies.

Tax Planning Professionals Use Education-Based Sales Presentations

Getting someone to pay 5-7x more for tax planning than they paid for tax preparation may sound difficult, but it can be simple. We arm tax planning professionals with a 150-slide education-based sales presentation to teach your tax and accounting clients the value of tax planning. Using this presentation, you’ll also show them three client illustrations, a tax savings estimation specific to their business and the full suite of services you can offer to help with their growth. You can use this presentation with other staff, partners or sales representatives of your firm.

Be the Tax Planning Professional Your Clients Seek and Start Offering Tax Planning Today

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