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Case Study

Work-Life Balance For Accountants Can Happen, Here’s How

Goals Goals

  • Have a trusted business advisor to go to when needed
  • Build marketing systems to reach new clients
  • Receive tailor-made firm processes to implement fast

Key Benefits Experienced Key Benefits Experienced

  • Built a profitable and scalable CFO business in less than a year
  • Revenue rapidly growing to allow spouse to quit corporate job
  • Lifestyle business achieved, will grow further as desired

“7 Figure Firms is helping me build an accounting firm without giving up being a mom. It’s given me the option of creating a lifestyle business to be there when I need to be for my family while working when it suits my schedule.”


Kristen Engeron moved from the corporate world to creating her own business providing CFO-related services, and the transition has been smoother than expected thanks to the 7 Figure Firms coaching program, which we’ll detail below. Today, Kristen is helping businesses cut taxes and works to strengthen their profits. Here is her story on how she transitioned from a busy working mom with a high-paying corporate job, to creating a lifestyle business that will pay her even more while allowing extra time with her family.

Strong CFO Background Leads to New Opportunity for Mother Seeking Work-Life Balance

Kristen Engeron spent many years early in her career gaining experience in accounting and finance. She worked with privately owned businesses on budgeting, tax and corporate structures, and operations management. 

“When I was employed, I was doing tax planning, and I got a territory in South Louisiana down to the Gulf Coast. I worked with CPAs, accountants, tax attorneys and financial advisors. I did  buy and sell agreements, estate planning and income tax planning among other things. Over a period of time, I realized I had the knowledge and ability to serve clients on my own. The problem was that while I knew what to do from a technical standpoint, I wasn’t sure how to put it all together into a business and get clients.”

Uncertainty in Business Leads to Investment in 7 Figure Firms

Work-life balance for accountants is the goal for many in her industry, so Kristen started dabbling with her new accounting firm idea, but wasn’t 100% committed to it. A conversation with Andrew Argue one day helped her realize she needed to make a decision. If she would actually start a new firm, she had to be committed to go all-in and pursue it. She needed to invest into the 7 Figure Firms coaching program.

“The reason I was hesitating was that I had no idea how to market the CFO work I knew I was capable of doing. I needed help to begin putting all the puzzle pieces together, and the 7 Figure Firms coaching program has helped me begin to actually build processes to price, package and get sales.”

Kristen began acquiring clients by first reaching out to friends and family. She generated $54,000 in tax planning revenue between July and December 2019 simply by calling her powerbase. Without any marketing, she got a handful of clients. Her first sale was a $7,500 tax plan that started with a text message to an old friend that has since turned into a $5,500 monthly CFO client.

Next Steps to Fuel Work-Life Balance for Accountants

Kristen nearly doubled her 2019 revenue during the first three months of 2020. She accomplished this feat without any internet marketing to that point, but rather calling on businesses she knew of. Being naturally outgoing and good at sales, she still feared getting on the phone with a prospect and pitching her CFO services. “What if they think I’m ripping them off?” was the unwarranted worry behind the fear.

7 Figure Firms coaching has helped Kristen with the mindset of properly valuing her services and being comfortable charging appropriate fees for them.

“I would never have known to ask for $7500 for a tax plan if it weren’t for 7 Figure Firms. Beforehand, I had no idea how to price, so I had no confidence in my offers.”

Tax Planners and CFOs Don’t Need to Recreate the Wheel

One of the positive things about how Kristen has started her business is that she went straight for advisory services—she never did low-priced compliance work. This has given her high margins from the start. With an early investment into 7 Figure Firms, she’s getting timely advice on how to continue to build her business as she wants to, which is accelerating her growth.

“By signing up for 7 Figure Firms, I didn’t have to recreate the wheel—I’m paying for the wheel. Why should I try and figure out a system when one is already successful? By getting all the email, newsletter, Facebook, and LinkedIn templates, and sales decks, it’s like I hired someone to come in and set up a marketing and sales system. Instead of spending 60 hours myself trying to figure it all out, or pay an employee $3,500 a month, 7 Figure Firms gives me turn-key features that I can implement inside my business right away. What’s the ROI on that? I’m more efficient because I’m working with clients instead of trying to figure out firm systems.”  

Building A Lifestyle Business and Having Work-Life Balance for Accountants

Kristen is excited about the future of her new CFO business. “I helped 39 people with PPP advising this year. I really enjoy helping people. I’m also achieving my goal of having a work-life balance which eluded me during many of my corporate working years. It’s so important to get fulfillment out of having a career without giving up being a mom.”

While she self-admits she doesn’t always have the answer for a client, she now knows where to get it. “7 Figure Firms coaching gives me answers at my fingertips. They are always on top of the latest news and legislation, and if I have a complex question, their team of experts can help me figure it out.”

Kristen has a goal of reaching $500,000 in revenue for 2020. 

Want to find work-life balance as an accountant? Learn more about building the accounting firm that suits your life and request more information below.

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